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Digital Detox in Argyll, Kintyre, Scotland

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Staying at Carradales is an opportunity to take a break from the daily stresses of life.

Everyone is conscious of the need to look after their mental health and to reduce the time spent on line known as the “digital detox.” We hear so much about this from various quarters.

It’s all about moderation. Of course, we do have the internet but there are so many wonderful distractions to the over used phone around us like the beauty of the ever- changing landscape, it is a photographers and artists haven. There are beautiful forest walks, castles, otters, golf courses, friendly locals, relaxing in the local bar, gazing at the stars in the clear skies or into the flames of a real fire, even cycling to the harbour or marvelling at the views from the local bus. Then quite simply there is fresh air and the sounds of nature that put things into perspective.

Be at peace. Be more at ease at Carradales.

Come to Carradales, switch off and experience what Kintyre has to offer.

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