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Saddell Castle

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Skipness Castle. Saddell Castle. Tarbert Castle. Dunaverty Castle.

Skipness Castle, Saddell Castle, Tarbert Castle and Dunaverty Castle can all be found at Carradales. Your suite where you could be relaxing is named after the actual castle in Kintyre.

Skipness Castle – Built in the early 13th century and stands near village of Skipness on Loch Fyne, together with the nearby Kilbrannan Chapel. It is a scheduled ancient monument. The Green Lady of Skipness Castle is said to haunt the location and protects the house.

Saddell Castle – Historic 16th-century castle on the shore of the Kilbrannan Sound of significant importance. The castle appeared in Paul McCartney’s “Mull of Kintyre” music video. See the music video below.



The Castle originally served as a bastion of the MacDonald family for several centuries and continues to be visited by MacDonald diaspora from around the world who return to West Scotland. The tower house was built near the site that housed the remains of the ancient hero Somerlad, the progenitor of the MacDonald clan. Several MacDonald Lords have resided at Saddell over the centuries, once giving refuge to Robert the Bruce for more than a year during the Scottish War of Independence.

Tarbert Castle – Tarbert Castle is located on the southern shore of East Loch Tarbert, at Tarbert at the north end of Kintyre. It was a strategic royal stronghold during the Middle Ages and one of three castles at Tarbert.

The castle overlooks the harbour and although pre 14th century in construction, the tower dates back to 1494 and the visit of James IV to the Western Highlands.

Dunaverty Castle – is located at Southend at the southern end of the Kintyre peninsula in western Scotland. The site was once a fort belonging to the Clan Donald. Little remains of the castle, although the site is protected as a scheduled monument.
The Battle of Dunaverty involved a battle and the siege of Dunaverty Castle. in Kintyre, Scotland in 1647. The events involved the Covenanter Army under the command of General David Leslie on one side and 200–300 Highland troops under the command of Archibald Og of Sanda on the other.
After the Battle of Rhunahaorine, the remaining royalist army of Alasdair MacColla fled to Kinlochkilkerran where a fleet of birlinns transported many of the troops to Ireland, while others fled to Dunaverty to be transported to Ireland as well as Dunvvaig Casdtle. About 200–300 men who could not be transported or did not wish to leave Scotland prepared to defend the castle.

Torrisdale Castle is a historic mansion residence, overlooking Torrisdale Bay, south of Carradale. The castle is situated at the edge of the village of Torrisdale. It is a category B listed building.The mansion was built in 1815, by General Keith Macalister, of Loup and Torrisdale in 1815. Designed by architect James Gillespie Graham, the mansion is castellated and consists of two storeys and a basement.
The estate is home to the Macalister Hall family who have owned Torrisdale since 1890.
Kintyre Gin is made at the castle which is 10 mins away and will be glad to arrange distillery tours for you whilst staying at Carradales.

Whether it be Skipness Castle, Saddell Castle, Tarbert Castle or Dunaverty Castle, you can be guaranteed of wonderful time at Carradales Luxury Guest House.

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