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Going Green

The argument over whether “going green” is a priority for us. It is a priority for a number of reasons, including customer loyalty, cost savings, and most importantly, environmental impact.

We at Carradales are genuinely playing a part in saving the environment, and here are some of the ways are doing it. We will be further adding to this is in the future.

Energy Saving Technologies

About 75% of hotel’s environmental impacts are directly related to excessive consumption—including energy consumption. All our appliances are energy-efficient including our water boiler. Our light bulbs are also LED. Where possible, all our linens are dried naturally in the wind.

 Embrace Recycling

Another huge impact the hospitality industry has on the environment is due to the amount of waste hotels create.

We use cloth napkins instead of paper and donate old sheets to the local school where they can be used creatively.

Encourage Guests to be Green

When pointing out the facilities of a guest’s room on arrival we make guests aware that we are striving to become green. We remind guests to turn out the lights when they leave, or reuse towels if possible and that there is a recycling bin readily available to guests. We make guests aware of where they can rent a bicycle nearby. There is also a fantastic bus service which makes for great sightseeing.


Our gardener takes our food waste rather than throwing it out gardens that he services in the area for landscaping and organic fertiliser.

Save Water

We have installed water saving toilets, smart showers restricting the flow of water but not the quality or satisfaction of the shower experience. We encourage our guests to use the flush sparingly where appropriate. There are reusable water bottles with fresh water in all guest rooms. 

Our Garden

Our garden has been re designed to make for a wonderful guest experience and with green issues in mind to counteract our carbon footprint.

The raised beds are made from recycled materials.
There is a wildlife section where we have deliberately left this part to grow wild and have relocated the buddleia to attract butterflies.

We Support Local, Sustainable Businesses

We only purchase environmentally-friendly products, and purchasing locally which reduces the impact on the environment and benefit the community. All our vegetable are organically grown from Torrisdale Castle. Our pedigree highland beef and sausages are from North Beachmore Farm. All meats cooked on site. Local free-range eggs, fish from Kintyre Smoke House, homemade bread, seasonally foraged berries, garlic, edible flowers and mushrooms, local Kilbrannan Preserves and milk from Wee Isle Dairy, Gigha.

Alternative Energy Sources

We have installed an EV charging point in the car park for residents

Taking Care of our Linens

We already mentioned recycling linens as a way to limit waste and have considered ways of extending the life of those linens in the first place using laundry processes that limit the wear and tear on our linens, including, where possible, drying linen in the wind. This keeps replacement costs, and our environmental impact, down. Our bedding, when necessary is being replaced with Eco Organic Cotton Bedding.

This bedding is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) meaning that this eco friendly bedding is guaranteed to be free from potential skin irritants. Choosing organic cotton bedding protects local eco systems and farmers whilst still providing cool, crisp comfort.

Practice What You Preach

We hope that making you aware of what we are trying to do will carry over into your personal lives as well—making an even bigger difference for our planet.

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